Benefits of Company or Corporate Retreats

Re-treat: to withdraw from enemy forces, to withdraw to a quiet or secluded place, to change one’s decisions, plans or attitude, a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest or relax

What is your ideal company or team retreat? Where would you go for that retreat?

There are many purposes for a corporate retreat. Showing gratitude to partners or supporters of your company, team building, industry networking or connecting with specific teams Less stress means more productive workers.

It is a proven fact that companies with a higher morale will outperform their counterparts by over 20%. Cultivating a strong work environment, team building, and work ethic can harness grow any organization and industry.

To retreat as a team can help you get to know each other on a less stressful ground. To know each other is to work better together. A retreat can be a weekend, or a mini get away for those involved. It can include just the employees and or their spouses. When away on your retreat, you can have a nice mix between relaxing and team building activities. In team building activities or meetings you can look back at what worked well, pats on the backs for all those goals exceeded in the past year and then with fresh, relaxed minds you can look how to improve on the year to come, as a team!

The Okanagan Valley offers a wide variety of venues, activities for any company retreat. The location is not too far of a commute from major cities such as Vancouver or Calgary.

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